Buried Alive

Well there’s an interesting title to put on a blog about becoming lighter.  But really, we are fascinating creations of light, love and truth — we are capable of success and happiness, and worthy to experience it, but many of us simply . . . aren’t.  Why?  We come to this earth in perfection.  Perfectly innocent creations of God.  It is life experience and the consistent living and believing in only what our conscious interpretion of life is that ‘covers up’ or ‘buries’ that true divinity that we are.  What does that mean?  We create beliefs about life from the very moment we begin to experience our physical body — and those beliefs, good, bad or otherwise, are what we pattern our life after.  Beliefs don’t necessarily represent truth, but they DO represent truth to US.  And, they exist in our subconscious mind.  We live them without necessarily knowing what they are.  So, if there are limiting beliefs– non-truth beliefs about life– within us (and we all have them), we continually experience life in a way that will mirror those beliefs.  Eventually, the experiences we have that fit those beliefs ‘bury’ our light.  Our true self.  So, what are we to do?  Un-bury ourselves.  Find those beliefs and release them.  Live from that pure light that we really are.

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