I Had it All Wrong

Here are are some ideas that came to mind after listening to some fascinating comments from Jonathon Rogers about ‘returning to innocence’ — and after I watched a truly inspiring movie from Dr. Wayne Dyer called “The Shift”

I think that most of us, as we go through life, especially as we form our conscious awareness of our physical existence, have this idea in our mind that we are supposed to try to attain great accomplishments – become successful — find happiness – find ourselves –and that we are on a journey from the start of our physical life to the end of it, of learning and progressing and moving toward something greater – like our life is a forward arrow, leading to God, to happiness, etc. , and the ending we reach is determined by the ongoing choices we make. Although I still believe that to be true in part, I see it differently now. We were created by God. The divine part of us never left us – it will never leave us. Because it IS the real us.  It will always exist. It is that part of us that is connected to divinity, to our Creator. We chose to put on the cloak of mortality – and the point is not to reach greatness or find happiness or find God or find ourselves. No, it is more just simply to return to it. It is the part of us that has always been there. No beginning, no end.  It’s not a forward arrow — it’s a circle. We try on mortality, and see how well we come back to our true selves. As we allow ourselves to stop relying on our conscious ability to reason and find logic in circumstance, to rely on our five senses and our weak, conscious self to make sense of the world, and instead let go of that, we begin to understand that we truly are connected to our Creator.  He leads us through that connection – and it can only be felt and understood by that part of us that is divine, that is separate from consciousness. It is direction that comes in thoughts, feelings and inspiration – in the form of a sort of inner knowing, rather than an outward understanding.  When we begin to move through life from that place, we really start living. When we return to ourselves, and quit trying to move to something greater, we start living on purpose. We start seeing life from a place of stillness, of knowing, and of pure trust in God that He is always right there with us, guiding us right where we should be.

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