Cherish the Present

There are many times when I’ve experienced something great and I’ve thought to myself — “I am going to remember this”. I have this hope and assumption that I’ll be able to reminisce about that moment later — and I cheat myself out of truly just enjoying it.  As I take inventory of how much I actually remember — of my kids being babies, of friendships and wonderful experiences, and compare that to how much actually happened, I am saddened to realize how many opportunities I’ve missed to just enjoy moments. Certainly, there are vivid memories of some things that happened, but when I look through photographs, I realize that even if I do remember a particular experience, I still can’t enjoy it the same way. The memories are sweet, they bring a smile to my face, but if I gave up the opportunity to really enjoy it when it happened, I’ve truly missed out. There really is only one chance to fully enjoy life — and the chance is right NOW.  We can only enjoy today the way it should be enjoyed . . . today.

I’ve thought many times about taking my kids to Disneyland, or some other place for fun, and when discussing it with others, someone always has a comment like, “Well, you want to take them when they are old enough to remember it”. I agree to certain extent, but after some contemplation, I have a somewhat different opinion. How about live to enjoy today? Who cares if you remember everything? Some things will stay in your mind more vividly than others, and I don’t think we always get to make a conscious decision about what does and what doesn’t. If moments are lived with an intention of ‘remembering it later’ – we are wasting precious opportunity to just enjoy it now.
We really do only have the present. May we take full advantage of LIVING and ENJOYING each moment, being fully present and aware of just how precious they all are.

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