Choose Your Best Self

Every one of us has within us light and darkness, the ability to build or burn, a “self” that shines in the world or a “self” that dissappears as a shadow, a person that charges everyone and everything around them with a positive, contagious energy, as well as a person that exhausts everyone and everything around them of all their energy. These things exist within us all of the time — and the difference between an extremely happy, prosperous person and a very distraught one is NOT circumstance — it is choice. Or choices. In every moment, we make a choice between being our BEST SELF, or being something less than that. And the one we choose to BE the most is the one that wins — the one that paints the picture of our entire life – our whole world.  If we want the best world, we must BE our best selves.  It is a choice that can never be taken away. It is always our own. So, in this and every day — in every moment, choose your best self.

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