About Me

I am Kaylynn Yates, and I am a PsyChi coach in southeast Idaho.  I love my life!  I get to work with amazing clients and teams, and I am continually amazed at how everything works together when I am seeking to live my purpose.  I believe that seeking out and using my unique gifts, strengths and talents to provide value in the world is the best way to live!

This journey of mine started a few years ago when I was introduced to an amazing book – ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’, by Leslie Householder.  It was from that book that a seed was planted in me — the seed of knowledge that everything in my life as I know it is a direct result and mirror image of what I think and feel and am.  And all of those things are subject to one thing – MY CHOICE.  Since then, I have been alot more conscious, and cautious, of how I choose to approach life.  Amazing experiences (and trials), blessings without number, realizations that have simply blown my mind– these are the normalities of my life ever since.  And when I really got focused on MY purpose – what I can do to best serve others and be my best self, an opportunity to experience PsyChi presented itself very clearly and very quickly in my path.  I LOVE what PsyChi does for me in my life.  I LOVE what it does for others.  Why is this site and my company called The Lighter Me?  Because that’s what most of my clients say they feel after working with me — “I just feel . . . lighter”.  And I LOVE that.  I get to help people become lighter.  I grin every time I am reminded of that.

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