What is it??

PsyChi is a healing modality that uses light frequencies to heal the mind and body by releasing mental and emotional blocks.  For a full description, click here.

What are core beliefs?

Core beliefs are the subconscious building blocks of how we perceive ourselves and the world.  They are the ‘goggles’ through which we view everything.    Negative core beliefs are beliefs we have about life that do not serve us well.  How do you know if you have any?  Look at the reality of your life.  Poor results in life are the symptoms of negative core beliefs  (poor relationships, financial problems, bad health, etc).  We start forming core beliefs as soon as we are conscious.  In fact, most of our beliefs are formed and embedded in our mind before we reach the age of 10.  Becoming aware of negative core beliefs and releasing all of the emotions and memories that surround them is the key to emotional freedom

Do I have to talk about things I would rather not say out loud?

No.  It is very helpful if you can talk about the first experience you had that brought about the belief, but not totally necessary.  Psychi is about realizing things in your own mind, not about confessing deep dark secrets.  You can go through most of the session without saying much at all, if that’s what you prefer.  It really is about YOU.

How much will it cost?

Psychi services are $60 per hour.  Time spent on each will vary slightly, but average times are listed below:

Core Belief   – 1.5 hours

Emotional Release  .5 – 1 hour

Resistance – .5 – 1 hour

Trauma – 1.5 hours

Phobia – .5 – 1 hour

Addiction – 1.5 hours initial, .5 hours for followup

What actually happens during the session?

A core belief session involves 4 steps:

1. Discovery of the negative belief

2. Processing all of the memories involved with that belief

3. Release of emotions surrounding that belief

4. Integration of new truth

You will lay out either on a spa table or relax in a chair, depending on what is more comfortable, and a lot of the session involves me holding a small light pen on your forehead.  This is what helps bring up memories and pictures in your mind that are related to the negative belief.  I also use the light on some other points on your head and face, chest (over your heart), and on your hands.  These are all acupuncture points and help with release of negative emotion and integration of positive affirmations. With core belief sessions,  I also use a pressure sensitive device on points on your fingers and toes to see what area of your body is most out of balance, meaning, the flow of energy is most interrupted.  This helps to see where you are holding negative emotions and provides a good starting place for finding your negative belief.  If you have issues with showing your feet, however, this process is not totally necessary for going through a session.

How long does it take?

Most of the services offered take between 1 and 2 hours per session.  Emotional release and simple addiction (like, chocolate addiction) processes take about 1/2 hour, as does resistance.

How often can I do it?

It is best to wait at least 3-4 days between core belief sessions to really process the experience and get ready to move onto the next belief.

For addiction protocols, the process can be repeated daily if necessary, until the addiction is completely released.  Between 3 and 10 sessions may be done over a short period of time, depending on the strength of the substance the intensity of the addiction.  This varies from client to client.

Are there people that should not go through core belief sessions?

People who are pregnant, who have had a stroke or aneurysm, or have had seizures should not go through a psychi session.

Can you work on children?

Yes.  I can help children 10 and over.

I don’t live in Idaho.  Where else can I go to get a PsyChi session?

The list of certified coaches and their locations can be found at www.mypsychi.com.

What do I need to bring to my session?

Bring a notebook and pen, water, and an open mind.  You will likely have realizations and thoughts that you will not want to forget, so it is good to write down your thoughts right after the process is done.  Also, please limit your caffeine consumption on the day you are having a session.

Where can I find more information about becoming a PsyChi coach?

Refer to the main website – www.mypsychi.com to get the details on becoming a PsyChi coach.  Contact me via email at kaylynn713@gmail.com if you have specific questions — I would be happy to assist you.  PsyChi coaching is truly a fulfilling and amazing way to serve others and really bring light and joy into your own life, as well as income.  If you feel that this is in line with what you want to do, I am truly, truly excited for you and hope you will pursue it.  You are in for an incredible adventure!

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