What is PsyChi?

PsyChi is an energy healing modality that uses light frequencies to heal the mind and body.  It rids clients of mental and emotional blocks so that the experience of life can be much brighter, more productive, and fulfilling.

PsyChi’s founder and creator, Julia Workman, has worked in the field of energy medicine for over 30 years.  With her experience, gifts, talents and knowledge, combined with the technology of i-Health systems, she has truly created a mechanism that generates healing ‘at the speed of light’.  I am continually amazed at Julia and consider it an honor and privilege to work with her and have her in my life as a mentor, trainer, and friend.

There are multiple services offered with PsyChi:

Core Belief work — What’s not working right now in life for you?  Core belief work identifies and releases underlying (subconscious) beliefs about life that create blocks – blocks to good health, relationships, financial well-being, etc.  This is the main and most powerful part of PsyChi, and it accompanies almost every other service.

Emotional Release — Overcome by grief? Sorrow?  Anger?  Emotional release is a process to rid the mind and body of an overpowering emotion that hinders progression.  Move over, anger management classes! PsyChi does an A-MA-Zing job of processing and releasing emotion quickly and efficiently.

Resistance release — “I would really like to . . . but I’m not because . . .” The resistence protocol releases resistance to accomplish tasks, take on new projects, move forward in relationships, etc.  Releasing resistance helps clients move forward in their lives with the things they know they want to accomplish but can’t seem to push themselves into.

Trauma release— A miracle.  That’s what trauma release is, really.  It helps clients to release emotion and anxiety surrounding traumatic experiences – abuse, accidents, and any experience that triggers Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It is an amazing process to help clients rid their mind and body of the anxiety, stress, fear, etc. that accompanies the memories associated with the experiences.

Phobia release—  Afraid of flying?  This protocol also helps clients release fear and anxiety that are attached to many types of phobias.

Addiction release — “My name is Mary, and I am an addict. .  .” The addiction protocol can be used to eliminate a wide variety of addictions.  From chocolate and chips to drugs and alcohol, poor relationships or toxic circumstances — the addiction process provides a great mechanism to be RID of the addiction.

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