“Each and every experience I have ever had with PsyChi has been a very unique and life changing one. I have walked away every time having such positive emotions and a confidence from within I never knew I had.  I have had the opportunity to do both core beliefs and one for addictions and it is amazing how much of a difference it makes. Not only does it affect your emotional state for the better, but the mental and physical as well. I not only have more self-confidence in myself but I have more energy to make those changes that I have needed to make, yet in the past, never seemed to have to “energy” to do so. I honestly believe the best part of PsyChi, at least for me, has been the way that I respond to people. Because of the little bit more understanding I have of the subconscious and how core beliefs affect people’s daily life’s, I have a better understanding of people, how they work, and how to respond to them. It is amazing to me that if you work on being the best you there is, people seem to work on being the best they can be. It is such a neat feeling to be able to help people in the little way just by working on you. Kaylynn is a very gifted person with the ability to help those in need. PsyChi really does work!”  – Kaeley H.

“I heard about PsyChi about a week before my first session, and to be completely honest, I didn’t plan on any lasting impact to my life. That was of course, until I understood what a “negative core belief” was. Going through the process, I realized that I have always had some deeply rooted beliefs that don’t help me at all. Maybe I’m not an extreme case where my life has miraculously changed, but PsyChi sure has shifted my outlook on life for the better. The bottom line for me is that I’ve taken some proverbial thorns out of my skin that I never knew I had, and I’m beginning to heal.” – Greg R.

“If you’ve never experienced PsyChi, you need to get in to see this girl!  She is knowledgable, gifted, talented, and extremely empathetic and intuitive.  I came out of our session feeling emotionally lighter and that she had done something for me that will change my life!” – Kara B.

“I work in the customer service side of a business that no one wants to patronize but everybody, sooner or later, does and when they do they’re generally unhappy with the cost of the service.  I’m often demeaned and personally insulted by the customer venting their frustration and as a result my own self-esteem and sense of worth has suffered. I had a PsyChi session in March 2011 and can honestly say that it has been a great benefit in restoring my sense of self-worth.  I can best describe it as, therapeutic massage for the soul. “-William B

“After my first session of PsyChi I felt like an emotional block had been first realized and then lifted.  It was interesting to isolate my core beliefs  that I had established as a child and how they contribute to my personality and general emotional health.  Overall PsyChi is a great and healing experience.” – Pam F.

2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Jenny C. says:

    I was pretty down on life and worried about several things, but mostly that I had made a big mistake that determined my future happiness. About 6 months ago, Kaylynn was able to help me get down to the core of my emotional issue. It changed my perspective and my thinking and I can honestly say that I am happier now than I have ever been. Sometimes I actually get overwhelmed at the happiness I feel with the direction my life has taken. Kaylynn is amazing. If you’re a skeptic, trust me, give it a try, she can help you.

  2. Im stepping into my light and letting it shine instead of following it when I die.
    So the question is… What is that light? Well I think it’s that divine part of me that connects me to the greater power that I can pull strength from and walk daily with.

    Imagine the Matrix when bursts of light are shooting from his body until he just becomes one with the infinite! I have that potential now.

    Light is one of the most powerful energies we have in the universe… USE IT!

    My experience with Kaylynn taught me how to let go of fear and step into my light and allow my self to move forward in my business… This experience has effected me every day… Any time I start to feel fear or doubt, all I have to do is remember our affirmation.

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